Winter Poker League 2010

First off, welcome newcomers and welcome back to returning players!

So there is no confusion this year: This league has been organzied and ran (poorly) by Tim B.
As such, rules are subject to change based on Tim's frame of mind and poor play.
This page is NOT complete! We'll be adding the rules as the need arises and as we confirm everyone's agreement on what those rules are.
As it is not practical (nor should it be necessary) to list all of the rules for Texas Hold Em, any rules not specifically spelled out here are implied.
If anyone wants to suggest an appropriate site to use as our rulebook, we're open to suggestions.
Email the group with additions, questions or challenges to these rules.

Game dates are: Feb 13, Feb 27, March 13, March 27, and April 10.
Two tournament games will be played on each of these dates.
Play for the first game of the night starts promptly at 5pm.
Games are structured for 3 hours of gameplay.
Players who are late will be blinded in.
The Tournament Director 2 software is being used to administer and track our league play.

Points are awarded based on placement in each game.
First place awards 150 points, and decreases by 1 point per position away from first place.
Absent players are not awarded any points.
Substitutes are allowed.
Players receive full points scored by their substitutes.

Bounties are in effect for week 1. Beginning with Wolfe, who was our league champion last year.
Bounty is paid to player who busts the previous game's winner.
If player with the bounty on their head wins the game, they collect the bounty.

Progressive High Hand is for the evening, not the game.
Progressive High hand requires 4 of a kind or better. Keep track of kicker for high hands.
We'll start tracking lesser high hands in Week 4.
This is a precaution against no one achieving the High Hand requirements before the end of play in Week 5

Players must be "current" with their fees to play.
Tournament buy-in is $50.00
Game night costs are:
Game 1: $15.00
Game 2: $15.00
Progressive High Hand: $5.00
Bounty: $5.00 - First Place in a game excludes player from next bounty fee.

Games and the Tournament both pay the first four positions.
Tournament position will be determined by total points awarded from each game.
In the event of a tie in points, the tournament tie-breaker will be number of Hits.
Hits have been assigned 1/100th of a point. If there is a problem where someone's hits are approaching 100, we may adjust these to prevent an additional point.

Payouts per game are : 1st = $85.00 / 2nd = $50.00 / 3rd = $30.00
Tournament payouts are: 1st = $???.00 / 2nd = $???.00 / 3rd = $???.00 / 4th = $???.00
Shortages that occur as a result of players who are absent or leave the league will be deducted from lowest payouts.
i.e. 4th place payouts would be affected first until depleted, then 3rd place, etc.

You may not miss a blind. If a player is busted out that would cause the blind to pass you, the dealer button will not move until you've played the the appropriate blinds.

Bystanders (people not directly involved in the hand) your input is not required or appreciated.
It's not fair to the players who are still in the game, even if you are fooling around.

String bets are not allowed.
"Speak" the fact that you wish to raise or take enough chips past your cards in one motion to call the bet and make the raise in one movement.
If you don't you will only be able to call the last bet without the ability to raise.

Cell phone use is not permitted at the table. (You too Tim!)
To contact the group, email

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